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About Varied / Hobbyist Raymond JamesMale/United States Recent Activity
Deviant for 6 Years
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Imperial Saber :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 36 5 The Crew - (Remastered) :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 76 11 Always in Trouble :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 49 13 Unexpected Battle :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 103 23 Pino' Chett Pin up :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 17 3 Amber Forest :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 52 9 Shoot Out at the Wayward Cantina :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 49 23
On Raven wings of pure midnight,
Skin smooth as cream and ivory white.
Shadowed eyes in coal black tresses,
Silken gray her flowing dress is.
My love for her has no restraint,
Pure of heart and free of taint.
The time will come for our blessed meeting,
Tears of joy, heart not beating.
Her scythe'n hand shall reap my soul,
Eternal rest shall be my goal.
Do not mistake these words as heresy,
For I am in Love, with the Angle called,
"Mercy", by John GoldenWolf
1998 copy right.
:iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 0 0
The Kiss
"The Kiss"
Splash once, splash twice, the tear drops falls,
Echoing down a mind's dark halls.
A broken heart, frozen in jade.
A man's lust for life soon doth fade.
Haunting memories of a love long past,
The realization that nothing lasts.
To cradle the rose a watch it die,
To come to know that Life is a lie.
So in the night I shudder and weep.
And pray that Death my soul will keep.
So come to me oh dark winged bliss,
And may comfort come with thy sweet,
"The Kiss", by John GoldenWolf
1998 copy right.
:iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 0 0
I stalk you all, the rich and the poor,
Through alleyways and penthouse floor.
I shall come for you like a common thief,
To steel your resolve and bask in your grief.
For I, have come to dash your dreams,
Crush all your hopes, and watch you scream.
No counselors talks or chaplains rights,
Will calm my rage or ease your plight.
For I am an evil as old as time,
I am the Bane, of all mankind.
And in your minds I shall make my lair,
I am the Demon,,, they call Despair.
"Despair", By John GoldenWolf
1998 copy right.
:iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 0 0
Waking Darkness
He was only a child barley able to get around on his own,, 20,000 credits, 20,000 credits, was the price they paid. Not much for an Arkanian offshoot, but they owed the Hutt, and she was pleased... He was four.....
Five years passed,,, the pet,,, "Daaemonnn,,,." it would shriek at him, laugh at him, throw scraps at him, torment him,,. "Come here my little toyyy,,,." it would laugh,, that hideous laugh,,.
No more,, no more shall he suffer, 'Today we go out,,, today I will be free...' thinks the child, for he has a plan, a good plan. The cook showed him a fungus, a fungus that is toxic to Hutts, but not the critters they eat, no, not the critters they eat.
So early that morning the child feeds the little delicacies a treat of their own.
Today was the day Grubba the Hutt was to be rewarded, rewarded for her achievements, she was a good club runner, and had established numerous successful clubs through-out the outer rim. So today, today she will go to the Civic center, and she will make a
:iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 1 0
Jundland Wastelands :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 30 3
Pino' Chett's Story
**Start date, 19 BBY. Master Wolf is 22 at this time.
Pino' Chett was born in 19 BBY.
Master John GoldenWolf was born in 41 BBY.
So I guess it's about time I tell you of the relationship between myself and Pino' Chett…
Pino' is my Padawan, my adopted daughter, my best friend, my little sister, and my partner….
We have a bond between us…. A strong bond in the Force, and in our hearts…
We are not lovers so to speak, but there is an intimacy between us…
 It was at the very end of the Clone Wars on Ryloth. Order 66 had just recently went down… I was a young only a Jedi Knight when the clones turned on us..
A grenade went off nearby, debris from the wall behind me knocked me unconscious, then buried me beneath a mound of rubble. I'm not sure how long I was trapped there, three or four days I'm sure of that at least. I was found by one of the Twi'lek reclamation's crewmen there cleaning up after the battle. He took me to a med station where I recovere
:iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 3 10
Master John GoldenWolf :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 46 24 Azure Fey :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 16 0 ProtoSaber :iconjohngwolf:JohnGWolf 46 6

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JohnGWolf's Profile Picture
Raymond James
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a Fantasy and Sci fi Artist, Writer and Sword Instructor. :)
Oh,, and a Pirate. ;)

Current Residence: Traveling, within, Texas.
Favorite genre of music: Hard Rock, Rock, Punk Rock, Classic Rock. ect...
Favorite style of art: Fantasy & Sci-fi
Operating System: Mac OS X 10.8.5
Wallpaper of choice: Pirate Theme
Skin of choice: Clean and Naked
Favorite cartoon character: Karas, Red Sonja, Conan
Personal Quote: Creation is a gift, Use it well....
Looking for someone able to do a 3d render of my Jedi/Pirate character and his padawn.
Willing to work out a deal. :)


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